Bus stop

Competition for young architects – Builder 2015

TYPE: architecture
 Tatry Mountains, POLAND
STATUS: concept
DATE: październik 2015
PROJECT: J. Wójtowicz, F. Zieliński

The main idea of the project is to draw attention to the problem of the lack of stops on the tourist routes of the Polish mountains. The project put a lot of emphasis on the maximum use of the location’s assets. It was decided to design an object that will not be a competition for the landscape, but skillfully blend into space – it will complement it. Creating the block was focused not only on the functionality of the waiting room but also on the use of landscape values. The stop is located on the way of the tourist route, thanks to which it can act as a vantage point and shelter. In order to more fully integrate the bus stop with the surrounding space, it was decided to use characteristic sharp features, showed in the asymmetrical cut of the stop, illuminating the interior. Thanks to this, the image of the mountains almost enters the interior of the bus stop. The design focused primarily on meeting the needs of hikers – a stop has been created that guarantees many seats and a large space protected from wind and rain. A bathroom is an important element for travelers. During mountain trips from the toilets, you can only use in shelters, which are not too many on the trails.