Did you miss me?

TYPE: exhibition
STATUS: concept
DATE: January 2017
PROJECT: J. Wójtowicz

In the 21st century, the biggest human problem is omitting another man because of modern technology. The human figure has been replaced by an anonymous and dead avatar. In the exhibition, there are located interactive columns. to activate them and find out what is inside you have to press the buttons on both sides of the column at the same time. This forces visitors to cooperate. One person can’t simultaneously activate two switches. Visiting alone, you will not see any of the 17 exhibits. The project highlights the problem of the lack of relationships between people. In the entrance zone entering couple gets a foretaste of the fun and excitement that accompanies the common discovery. Then the visitors are separated. When they walk alone in the corridors, they discover more columns, but they can not activate them. The labyrinth is designed to create a sense of lack and loneliness. It draws attention to the strength and pleasure that lies in cooperation and interaction with another person. The end of the exhibition is the space where COUPLE finds herself in the maze and joins the main room full of interactive columns together.