Energy-efficient hotel building

TYPE: architecture
AREA: 8843,65 m2
 parametric parcel
STATUS: concept
DATE: December 2016
PROJECT: J. Wójtowicz

Architektura Murator

The subject of the work is the concept of a mid-sized hotel building. The main premise of the project was to create a nearly zero-energy building. Noteworthy is, used in this work, reverse design theory, directly connected with sustainable design. To get as close as possible to the zero-energy building standard I used the data from the analysis of existing buildings and the technologies available on the market. To avoid duplication of errors and to adopt the best possible solutions I made the parameters list. The building has been designed as a model solution that can be deployed in many locations that meet the following architectural criteria. The project has proposed an example plot with its development meeting the requirements set in parameterization.