Old tenement house renovation

TYPE: interiors renovation
LOCATION: Traugutta St, Poznan, POLAND
STATUS: concept
DATE: June 2017
PROJECT: J. Wójtowicz

The main problem with an introduction of a new life and functions to that tenement house was lack of a space on the ground floor, which was blocking a lot of use possibilities. To solve that problem, and give to a building more arrangement options, the ceiling of the ground floor was removed with all structure walls above. The new proposed steel construction ensures safe of the building and a large two-level space, where an architectural office for a medium-sized company was proposed. Pavilion placed inside the building allows you to work in calm conditions, in an open space inside historic walls. Distancing the walls of the box in conjunction with the glass technology used additionally protects the interior from the noise of a busy street. The floors above have been adapted for high-quality apartments of various sizes.